Corpsus Hypertexticus (spacemummy) wrote in truenames,
Corpsus Hypertexticus

the latest monstrosity

The Thanocratic Party establised the necrotopia of Monstropolis as a homeland for the natty and the ratty undead. It is the capitol city of the state of Despair, which was cobbled together with pieces of other states in the northwest of the US.

They crawled out of the earth by the thousands, disturbed by the testing of advanced weapons encroaching upon their homes. There was no law to govern immigrants from below. Undead lawyers argued successfully for citizenship on the grounds that the territory of the US. extended to the center of the earth and all its tunnels and caverns.

Hades had opened up and they just poured out. Some of them found corpses and wore them like suits. Others already had form, carrying with them hearts of molten magma and dry stony outer crusts. Whatever form they might take, they were sentient and wanted the right to be recognized. Besides, many of them had powers and strengths that would be unwise to threaten.

They were also a bit pissed. It seems that many of the Damned had been subjected to American television for many years. You'd surprised how well rock will conduct the waves to sensitve folk. Frankenpilose, whose face is contorted mass of hair, could feel the waves enter the amplifying labyrinth that led to his sensitve follicles. He screamed for 50 years until Putrid Annie shaved him. He is recovering in a home in former Utah, still half-blind with only stubble on his featureless face.

It is a little known fact that the Thanocratic Party predates the release of the undead. It was a very small political organization made from disenfranchised ultra-conservatives and extreme leftists, as well as a smattering of self-loathing ecologists, negative population growth supporters and spooky goth types. Their original platform had very little to do with undead rights. They promoted the cause of death in the US. by endorsing capital punishment, abortion up to the moment of birth, nuclear power, increased spending on defense, the abolishment of worker safety provisions, and unrestrained experimentation on exotic physics.

More Monstropolis to come (Thoth willing, of course)
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