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Community story...

If anyone's interested, here's an idea for a community story: I'll start something, and someone else can continue with it. The rules are: make it (and keep it) an SF story, add no more than 200 words at a time, incorporate the keyword--either as a word or concept--into your continuation, and leave a keyword for the next person. Let's see what we can do with it. You can't add on to your own post, and if you think the story has come to an end, say so.

Anna's heart stopped, once, when she was three years old. That was the same year her father decided to introduce the family to his inner Mad Dog. He'd bought a Harley and had tried to insinuate himself into the rather insular group of bikers who buzzed around town every once in a while. It was at a benefit thrown by this group of bikers for the children's wing of the local hospital that Anna had her cardiac arrest. A young doctor who rode on the weekends saved her life with CPR, and the children's wing made a lot of money that day. People, unnerved by a close brush with a child's death, tried to soothe their memories with larger donations than they'd originally intended to give.

Anna was eleven, now. She still wondered what had caused her heart to stop, but her parents refused to talk about it. Her father's Harley sat unused, but sometimes Anna would sneak into the garage, pull off the dust cover, climb on the bike, and pretend to ride it.

[take it away. keyword: Panic]
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